A downloadable game for Windows

Caro Cake

A Gruesome Murder visits the quiet town of Aldale.

What happened?


Story / Scripteamonkane


CaroCake.zip 82 MB


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I like it, pretty short. You start off simple, do simple tasks. Then you decide to go eat cake, a cute low poly cake. Apparently, you play as a murderer, i think.

Great game, i really liked it. Would love to see more games like this, this one even has voice acting.


Was a little confused, but thanks for the fun :D! Hope to see more! 

Yes I see your confusion we develope a new version atm stay tuned and leave a follow if you want to discover the not confusing version.

As always thank you for playing :)


Very interesting concept. I like the style and simplicity of the game, just wished there a bit more story. Good game!

We are working on a 2.0 Version follow me so you dont miss it, will be fleshed out more by a lot. ✌️


This was... Interesting... :)

Thanks for let's playing!


Well there we go.