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is an arcade looking game, where you have to tap/click on the tinted button, otherwise you loose. It seems really merciless, but it's still possible to master this game. It's accompanied by music, which influences the strength of many effects and is fundamental for the game.

You are completing levels by playing them until the music ends, you can still proceed to increase your score. The six levels are subdivided in three different difficulties, easy , normal and hard. You unlock them by completing both levels from the lower difficult.

If you got some suggestions for future updates and improvements tell them in your review, tell me what you have been missing!

Greetings the Developer

Install instructions

After you've download the Tapstar.zip File you just have to unfold it just where you want.

To start the game start the Tapstar.exe in the unfolded folder.

Make an shortcut, so you can start the game easy.

If downloading the apk make sure you enable the option on your android device to install stuff from external sources.


Tapstar.zip 57 MB
Tapstar.apk 60 MB

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